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GP Envision® 2-Ply Embossed Bath Tissue - 4.0" x 4.05"

GP Envision® 2-Ply Embossed Bath Tissue - 4.0" x 4.05"

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GP Angel Soft Professional Series® Premium Facial Tissue

The brand of premium facial tissue that delivers the appearance and softness for today's discerning business customers and employees. 2-Ply. Sheet Size: 7.65" W x 8.85" L, Flat box. Premium quality and softness customers will appreciate.

GP Preference® Perforated Towel - 100/30

Designed for lasting strength and exceptional absorbency. Ideal for cleaning and wiping in foodservice, healthcare, laboratory and clinic settings. White, 2 Ply, 11" x 8.8". Use Dispenser: 52720.

Impact® Sanitary Napkin Waxed Bags

Fits in sanitary napkin receptacles for easy disposal. Prevents the spread of disease by enclosing contents. Wax coating provides moisture resistance. Designed to fit #1100, #1102, #1103 and #1112. 9 1/2" L x 7 1/2" W x 3 1/4" D.

PRO-LINK® Balance™ Neutral Cleaner - Gal.

Cleans floors without harming the floor finish. Safe for use on all areas not harmed by water. Long lasting, pleasant fragrance. Low foaming characteristics. Ideal for auto scrubber use. pH in concentrate of 8.0, won't bite into your floor finish.

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ #14 Broadband™ Q256 -80 oz

Neutral disinfectant and detergent. Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step. Hospital grade. Dilution rate: 1:256; Gallon yield per bottle: 161. Yellow color.

PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ Ultra LD - 24x33, 0.72 mil, Black

All-purpose, "jack-of-all-trades" can liner is a smart choice that delivers total confidence every time you use it. Made with 100% prime virgin resins, ThickSkins Ultra provides excellent load capacity, tear resistance and toughness. Leak-proof star seal. Versatile, handles everything from paper and general refuse to heavy or sharp waste. Available in black, clear and white.

PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ HD Coreless Roll -40x48,22 mic, BK

Made with HDPE resins for superior strength and load capacity. Excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and odor containment. Star seal. Available in black or natural.

Deb® AeroGreen™ Antibacterial Foam Soap - 1 L Cartridge

A high-quality antibacterial formula providing effective protection from most common bacteria. Rinses easily from the skin leaving no soapy residue. Use with Deb 1-liter and 2-liter dispensing systems. No water required to create a lather.

GP enMotion® High Capacity EPA Roll Towel

Specifically engineered to be used with our enMotion® Wall-Mount Automated Towel Dispenser or enMotion® Impulse® 10 Towel Dispenser to provide reliable towel dispensing at the wave of a hand. Contains at least 40% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber. Meets or Exceeds EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. USDA Certified Biobased product. EcoLogo™ Certified. Processed Chlorine Free® Certified.