Tennant T500 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Easily fill your machine with an accessible port up front. Reduce risk of slips and falls with a redesigned squeegee and integrated p-trap that improves water pick-up and prevents water from dripping on the floor after cleaning. Charge batteries safely with the lid closed with on-board charger fan and integrated venting. Quickly and ergonomically install disk pads and brushes with Insta-Fitâ„¢ and gimbal mount heads. Easily clean tanks to help reduce mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. Orbital scrubbing is ideal for daily cleaning or chemical-free floor finish removal. Improve operator ergonomics with propel direction switch and speed settings within easy reach. Water lift: 46"; System voltage: 24 V. Battery: (4) 225AH; Run time: up to 4.5 hours.